My name is Julia Ketelhut. I am a recent graduate of the  International Baccalaureate Program, attending the Honors College at Oakland University. I am double majoring in Biomedical Sciences (fulfilling my pre-medicine requirements) and Business, with a minor in International Relations.

My career interests include medicine, international affairs, politics, and business. I ran the Model United Nations team at my high school, I participated in the National Honors Society, and I have studied Spanish in depth. Currently, I am Marketing Director of Oakland University’s student funding board, I am a participant of OU’s Emerging Leadership Program, and I am a member of the University’s Rotaract Club.

This is a copy of my resume 

In terms of hobbies, I love all forms of dance as well as most physical activities. I am also an avid reader and artist.

My goals are as follows:

  1. To promote the environmental, economic, and medical conditions for health within impoverished communities.
  2. To Ballroom dance. It’s obvious that dancing keeps all of the romance and beauty alive in life.
  3. To develop this blog, an eCommerce website, and to invest. Tony Robbins has definitely inspired me to aim for financial freedom.
  4. To create my life, rather than to be dragged through it. I believe that often times, people fall into a passive path in which they follow others towards a life that does not reflect their values. I intend to avoid that mistake.
  5. To travel. As a person obsessed with politics, history, culture, and adventure, this is a given. I will have traveled to 6 of 7 continents ( I have absolutely no interest in going to Antarctica) by age 25.

My current favorite quote (it changes often) reflects my strong work ethic and my belief that with enough enthusiasm, we can achieve any goal. This quote is by an incredible author named Paul Cohelo in his book The Alchemist. It is “When you want something, all [of] the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” If you haven’t read his works, I recommend starting with The Alchemist or Veronika Decides to Die.